Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The never failing love

I seemed to be so dead from this site! It's been 1 week since I last updated. I am really busy with life, but i'm lovin' every single gems i've now. Exams in 2 days' time? I haven't done my work yet. I would update my life with pixx once again,

well, i wanna say a big thank you to my dad. Well daddy no matter how much i've disappoint you, you're always there for me, encouraging me. I wouldn't make you sad anymore, I wouldn't make myself a burden to you anymore. I'll be happy, i'll be a happy girl and I'll make you proud. I love you daddy.
Okay i'm leaving this space now! Shall update soon loveables.

Need you, need love, need hugs, need kisses, need affection, need attention. need cyrus.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy lil girl

Well this is how i spent my days,
I slept for the whole day. This is crazy and insane but i did it.

It's 20th! It's another monthsary for me and babyboy. Well for this time round, we had it simple and sweet date. We've actually no plans but in the end.. we got ourselves at East Coast Park. Just by admiring the view and everything with your love one at night, it's really great just like this. We had so much tiffs few days before that. But well, i'm so great that I fell in love with no other guy but you. Happy monthsary honey!

Early in the morning, I rush rush rush. Went over to cck to meet my girls, Chrystal Precious and Angelina Babysis. Then went over to vivo for alil while and bought our stuffs. Imagine this, I bought both the wrong items for my bro and my boy. What-the-heck. Okie aftermath, went over to Orchard to meet Yuenshin,Ryu and Soonheng. Went for flea titan, seriously heard that the 1st day was nothing, second day was worst. Got myself a tanktop which is customised and could find it no where. Aftermath went over to Cityhall and then went over to Bugis. Met my sweeties there and met baby for a while. Aftermath home sweet home, this is the first time I'm homed so early! Had a long great day. Pixxx!

Happy monthsary again honey! Love you 2 bits, :)
That bitch from far from there who tries to be like a seducive slut. No way i'm telling you this.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best out of the best in life

I can't rotate the pix above. Okay forget it. Haha life's getting so much better after me crying out and letting go all my troubles and moving on. Today's school was really great, sleep sleep sleep and then had fun talking with classmates. Had oral exam and my ulcer was killing me so badly. Aftermath, rushed home had a little nap and went over to vivo in the evening and met up with Jieyu,Chengen,Junsheng,Yuenshin :) Celebrated Jieyu's birthday in advance over there, had a great time. Then after that rushed back to cck and met up with Geokkoon with the rest while Yuenshin left earlier. Had a great time after all, thanks for everything. You guys are the best out of the best, i mean serious! :)

Happy birthday to Jieyu in advance!
I need to mug mug mug. Please give me the super powers to mug again!! :( Aww. Anyway I love Angelina Babysis, sorry for not attending your band night today. You will always have my support, behind your back okie. Love you 2 da max babysis :) You did your best.
Yes my weekends are so packed, finally I'm gonna have a break tomorrow. Shall have a home-stay day tomorrow. Okie buai readers, love you all xoxo.

I can't wait to meet you my sweet boy, 2 more days.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A brand new start

A brand new site, a brand new start. I didn't know I'll be having thoughts of using back blogger, but I'm both available at tumblr and blogger. Onsugar is forever giving me problems! Life have been really really different from now. Independence is what everyone needs. I've gone through far too much actors and actresses around. We're gonna start again, we'll need to start all over again. How great school's tomorrow, drama + meeting all my folks + band night. I'll make it for you okie Angelina bbysis, love you to the core and thanks for always being there (L) And thanks to a lot of people too. Well I'm off to bed now buai. Sleep early before bed bugs bite! 8)