Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Light denim highwaisted shorts,
fits size 26

We customised too, visit ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi i'm just back from grandpa's home not long ago. I've been dreaming for far too long, finally woken up by my own senses. I'm gonna be good, starting from tonight. Can ya tell me how tiring is to be wasting your own time, giving up on yourself, making yourself so depressed for no fucking reason? Live a happy life, and heck about those fuckers out there who wants to ruin your life. I'm contented even if I don't feel happy. I feel that I'm lucky.
This friday went to meet baby in the evening, had heart2heart till late ;)
Saturday, went out with h,chengen and koonie. Went for flea, and flea wasnt that good i supposed, nvm it helps me in saving money! Heh heh ;) Caught whip it, and don't feel like elaborating about the rest of that day. Wasn't feeling well, head was spinning like fuck.
Sunday, spent my lovely day with my lovely boy, out to town. Went to topshop, both of the items I wanted are out of stock, ;( We spent a really great time together!! Haha love today, always a rainbow after a rain. Pixx!! ;)

I thank god for all the lovely people in my life ;)
Note to myself:remember to spray my hair tml, find a very very long skirt to wear. Wear a correct pair of socks, correct pair of shoes. If not i'll not be enjoying school tml with the rest ;(

I love you my dearest boy, thanks for always being with me through the hard time i had been thru, and thru happy times. It's nice to be able to have warm cuddles, it's nice to be able to have a hand to hold on, it's nice to be able to have a shoulder to support, it's nice to be able to look forward in seeing someone that makes you smile. You're the one that fills the spaces in my heart, you're the one that it's able to grab the heart of mine completely. I always do, love you, my favourite boy, C.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

  • Life is fucked up.
  • Life is no good.
  • Can life be better?

Monday, March 22, 2010

I realised I've a lot of overdued pictures, but I'm far too lazy to post up. It's ugly and I don't like!
Hi space, it's been long since I've been blogging huh? ;) Well my march holidays were really.. enjoyable~ I suffered, had fun, had experienced of not bathing for 3 days. OBS OBS OBS FTW! (Y)
Haha girls in schl are ignoring those who didnt went for obs! Haha, obs was kinda tough and I got sting by jellyfish. I became so tannneddddddd me don't like. But I own cause I'm able to go around laughing at people's sunburn! Heh heh meanie me. Last Saturday was spent with Geokkoon and Chengen at town, chilling at starbucks. Both of them sucks as they don't allow me to shop.. until like 10pm? when everything's closing down! Haha but our heart2heart at starbucks, really made me and kooniez wanna tear so bad. Sunday was spent with my babylove! Happy 15h monthsary boy ;)
He customized a top that says, "Cyrus's." Cute a not my boy! (Y) Heh hehz.

Friends, I've gained, I've lost.
Telling me forever, telling me sad with me, telling me faithful, telling me our friendship is true.
Nah, tell me how many times in a lifetime you'll get a perfect friendship?
Thank god for Geokkoon Neo, in this lifetime of mine.
I love you kooonie! And I love you, casperlove ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi world

Hi world I'm back here again! Well this week is such an enjoyable week i guess, it's the last day of school yesterday and now here come our march holidays! Yay? :) Haha this week, went over to meet Danielle in one of the weekdays, and then went over to swim at fav boy's house and then at night met Geokkoon and Chengen.
I love yesterday to the max, met Geokkoon and went over to beach rd for my items, and then went to the airport to fetch Brandon. It's like so long since we've met, and catch up a lot I guess. We had xinwang cafe, and then trained all the way to yewtee. Went to stagmont, and then Brandon left after a while, and Theron came. Then talk slack and home sweet home. I caught 11:11 last night for the first time, with Neo Geokkoon!! See, we're really lucky girls together. Haha then we walked home together, talking/singing our hearts out. It's like returning back to our childhood time. Haha I love kooniez my fav girl :)

No mood for pictures so yes no pictures. Haha! Ok it's a nice Saturday to start with, shall enjoy my weekends before my obs. I bet I'll be really tanned when I'm back ;(

Thanks for those sweet people who doesnt take people for granted ;) I love you people!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love being tugged in your arms, loverboy.

Well school's being a bitch that I seriously dread to go to school everyday, going to school with Yuting everyday is always so different daily. We even took our own sweet time when we were already late, we even went to mac to have our sausage mac muffin before strolling to school. All the papers that I'm getting back is really.. a joke to me. I failed all subjects, all?! Total wtf to me.
I've not been updating my blog really recently, life have been always the same for me. Just that, sweet, sweeter and sweetest things are coming back to my life. I was depressed for the whole fucking week, thank god things changed for a better.

Yay I'm so fucking gonna re-decorate my bloody room.
So gonna save up $ and then shopping time!

Thank god it's friday, seriously, i've only been looking forward to go school on friday.
I think this is random but, I really love my boyfriend so much for everything!!
Ok shall go off now.

Sometimes I always think that advices from people might not be good, it's just some false hopes on me, to make me feel better only. I trust my own sixth sense better.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Last friday went out with Yuting after like 1 year of not hanging out together. Haha seriously time with her was great, shopping for our boys' gift and etc. I got free curls on that day too, happy girl me? :)
Last weekends was spent with babyboy, went out with him during saturday to town.. and then went over to meet my parents at bukit batok for the last lao yu sheng before cny ends. Drank alot that night, knew alot of things that night, then sunday went over to baby's house early in the morning for gym then headed to shop at town :)

Pixx more at fb :)

Can life get better than this? I'm sick of the tiring life that it's killing me inside, trying to kill myself. I'm tired of life being like a bitch, how long it takes for life to be better? Ups and downs, I'm sick of all this. Can I return back to time, when everything was perfect, nothing upsets me.

Greenridge is a bitch totally. Someone stole my money again. Fuck you.