Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The song on my playlist now, The only exception- Paramore

I got inspired by someone's site to blog again. I could remember how much I used to love blogging about my life and my world that I revolves around.

The way things and people changes, how fast time is moving on without us noticing.

There's no school tomorrow, I'm heading out to shop with Janelle toh ;) I'm gonna assure my readers that this blog is not gonna rot anymore!

I've many photos to upload, i'll upload them one by one~
See ya people!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just told G about my own weird problems.

I think i'm suffering from something called zi-bi. Ok I really forgot what's the english word for it.
It's been long since I ever talk about my own problems, blogged about my problems, or even share it to anyone right? I realised I'll just keep every single word i wanna say inside the space in my heart. It's not very me.

And I lead a very non-typical school life too? I keep every single fucking thing to myself. Because no one on earth i could trust, and the one i felt that i could trust, i'll be hurting them with words cause they'll be worried. Why on earth every fucking person is like that?

Ok sigh.


Friday, July 23, 2010


This life we're all leading, we've a choice for everything we do. But in different choices, we got to choose one of them, and not regretting it. For everything that happened, we have a choice.

My life is full with ups and downs, this is life. I've a choice to make it better, to choose the right way right path in life. I've not been blogging for weeks, or maybe months as I'm busy with work and school life. I'm gonna settle down soon, not to distract myself from upcoming examinations and school days. I've been too exhausted since the holidays started. I did a lot of things during the holiday, like the first attempt of flea, as a booth owner together with alissa, jingting and jolynn :) I've not been shopping that much now. All I could do is to control, and resist. Haha, I can't wait for my preorder items to arrive. I can't wait to hear feedbacks from people.

And yes, do help me out with the selling item! Anyone interested in 100% authentic lv wallet? It's brand new come with a dustbag. I'll be updating this blog in any time again. it's far too messy! I've too many photos to be uploaded here too. Shall do them soon ;)

I don't want u s to be like that. A part not a p a r t. I love you hun ;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Selling Authentic LV Wallet In The Picture.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 facts about me,
1.I cry very easily when I get upset and feel lost
2.I appreciate everything of mine a lot
3. I love handmade stuff, especially cards
4. You wouldn't know me inside out, until you really step into my life.
5. I love to dress up.
6. I love eyes. I felt every girl have a different special way of themselves when you look into their eyes, or even boys.
7. I get very shy easily. Just that some people don't notice about it.
8. I'm very very scared of dark. I must sleep with a lamp in my room at night.
9. I feel very happy easily, when I feel appreciated, and when I feel blessed.
10.I've ultra small ears, but i can hear you very well.

What about you?
I spent 10 mins crying just now.
I felt so lost when I felt so foolish and dumb,
I don't know the way out to settle things like this.
I felt that I was too silly.

Sigh things will get better right?
Hope so.
Off to meet my love later.

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's all my fault, for the cause of my today. Have been reflecting and thinking, why would I landed up in a way like this? Why would I become like this, and why would everything be like this. I realised it's my choice to leave, it's my own choice to stay, it's my own choice to keep, it's my own choice to choose. I didn't gave myself or others the second chance, I gave it a missed for just a second chance, I lead a life whereby I don't try, and I stopped and I've given up. I felt so lost, it's because I didn't give myself a chance to be the one I should be.