Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New change? I'm so sick of the old link with all the anonymous.
I realised i'm not what other people think of me, but i appear to be what i'm like in their minds.
Sometimes somehow someday, all things wouldn't happen.
It's all misunderstandings.. it's all mistakes made by us.
I've been so down, even more down and down.

Thank God for all the pillars of supports i'm still having, holding on tight to.
I'll never forget, every single hugs and ears I had when I needed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blingz mama (Y)

I've out for so long yesterday and had such a great time with my girls! We went for a little picnic at botanic garden in the noon. Had sandwiches seaweed chicken wee. Had a great time walking around, and sitting there with them. After that the mamas went over to town. Went over to plaza sing and had a drink and went over to look at the piano at yamaha. Then me and puteri honey left and we went over to Cityhall and then Clarke Quay. We were like so tired that our eyelids are closing anytime. Home sweet home had mac as dinner, thanks bro! Okie pixxxxxx. There's so many overdued.

Met my lovelies!

Life's so enjoyable, so fun ya? :) I'm loving such trips with my girls, it's so relaxing and enjoyable. It lets me forget all my troubles problems. Today shall be a day I finally could have a good nap at home. It seemed that all the dramas play and actors were gone, every single thing had stopped. Thank god, finally everything is alright. and anyway, I've receive some comments yeah. Somehow, this seemed to be my blog. I typed what I like and it's up to you whether you like it a not. Don't like it just leave.

Are we going back to the start all over again?
Yes we are and don't let any shit to pull us down anymore.
Cause it's gonna be tough.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OH SHIT I LOOK SO FAT NOW. Haha this few days are awesome! My exams ended. YAY FINALLY BUT SADLY I FLUNK SO MANY PAPERS EVEN THAT BLOODY ART. The day before before I went to town with Triple C(s) and met my lovelies at night. The girls are really crazy at night i tell you. Can cry ar with them. Okie then yesterday I went out to get a small bite for breakfast and I WAS STALKED. So in the end I flew over to Bukit Panjang to meet Chrystal and co. Thank GOD THEY WERE THERE! Haha then we camp there tilllllll 11 plus and then we flew over to my house and then we just do nothing but stone. And then we flew over to lot1 and then we ate and then me and Chrystal flew back to her crib. And then miss angelina flew here with us. Okie we went to suntan and swim and ya know what we own the whole swimming pool yesterday! We played flo rida pitbull gaga songs and went so high. After all our junks and barangs we ate dinner at c's house and went over to railway to meet Nz. And then we camwhore, then home sweet home. I couldn't sleep for the whole night yesterday :(

Sorry ar i think my face like become fatter. Haha this few days i'm so in a mood to eat till i'm so broke right now. Pixxxxxx later okie i'm so lazy! Meeting my girls later for picnic and i'm so late to meet them! BUAI BUAI :)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy day

I've flunk most of my papers, I'm not gonna cry no no no.

I think I tried my best, for you and me her she they we us. I hope things would be fine and everyone would be back in one square again. I know it would, i know things would be back. I know everyone would be fine. I really didn't want to make things so depressing, if no one steps inside again and again. It broke my heart, so much ya know. I've been tolerating all of them by myself? Tell me, what should I do? The sky is getting dark, it's gonna be another rainy day..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Am i depressed? I got the best out of the best in life right now. I should be happy.. but i'm just not alright.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tiring days

I've been out this few days, i've been having so many tiring days. I've ate icecream over at empire state this weekend! I've met many old pals that i've never met them for like zillion years this weekend! I've met my babycousin who is just 1 month old. I've met my aunt uncle. I've met someone that i really missed. I've met crazy girls who push each other in the mall. I've been to a chalet. I've been hearing problems here and there. I've been seeing problems among people. I've been, so tired. I've been missing so many, many of you guys. I don't know why this post must be like so sad. Why is the sky gonna be dark again. Sometimes somehow some people i love somehow some people sometimes i miss some people somehow sometimes always are on my mind. Okie broken english. I miss so many things, all the laughters all the girlz all the insane all the chalet all the every single thing all that embraces all that kisses all that games all that smiles all that people that clique that group that members. I want 2008 to repeat again all over again. Can I?

I don't wanna feel this way again.
I miss the 6 girls going church together as one.
I miss you too and i'm telling myself i'm gonna be fine


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boys are whatever

Hey babies on this space i'm back. I've been enjoying life so much though there's so many examinations, problems, stress going on. I've been camping in starbucks for near to a week, it's really nice sitting down there in the afternoon, enjoying a coffee, reading the notes I got to memorise, enjoying the air conditioning there. And i've been eating subway as my lunch for so many days, aww. Enjoying days with my girls, sitting down having heart2heart, how nice this can be. Well yep, i've too many pixx to upload. Last weekend, I hang out with Puteri sayang around bukit panjang area. What we did was just, icecream + heart2heart + photographs + walking around + thinking about all our dresses!! Haha it was such a great time with her though it's just been alil while. Okie pixx!!

I dont smoke.

It's all taken by Puteri's babycam, Canon powershot. Exams have been really stressful for me I've flunked so far 3 papers already. God bless me plz :( I want combined science pure humans poa combined humans class plz :( NO NO 3E5 OR 3E4 :( Haha i want to be a nerd right now. Literature on monday, yes it's my fav paper! 8D
Oh yes i've caught the movie fame ytd with my girls and the boys! And aftermath went over to Dorothea's chalet yep. I can't wait for exams to be over, plzzzz quick! Haha :)
Happy birthday Jerelyn! Hope ya enjoy the cake fight yesterday love you xoxo,
and Advance birthday to Doro! XOXO :)
Buai buai ai ni worh blogger! 8D

I tend to be strong, I love the girls and the people who make my day smile. Thanks guys.