Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2009

I think everyone's blogging about their 2009, like me i'm gonna blog this because i'm bored!
My 2009, is a total disaster. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, whatever shouldn't happen, happened. I flunked my studies like everything is just a grade, F. Perhaps the whole year was a total F for me. F for failure, F for fuck everything. But things like this is so not gonna pull me down from everything. I stood up again, like right now here. I've got back the love and happiness I've ever wanted. I'm satisfied. There's always things I did that I've regretted, but right now I'm trying to take away all my regrets, making every single thing even better. Those who left, who leave, who hurt me, gave me a temporary scar. It was tough to walk out of that path without anyone there perhaps. I'm great to have friends like, Shimin Chrystal Puteri, and many other more that I've not named here. They walked me out, they stood there for me. They understand me, in and out. I thanked my family for being there for me also. After all, in 2009, I've learnt a lot. Learnt about the reality, how's the society outside's like, how cruel this world can be to you. But to me, even how cruel this world can be to you, but never forget about those who love you. You can destroy all those who hated you, but never at those who loves you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today went out all the way to the east to fetch daddy from the airport with bro and mum! Had starbucks muffin and chocolate chip cream. After then cabbed all the way back homed and then went over to had dinner at some seafood restaurant. Yay nice dinner and nice day!
I'm thinking of buying polariod, should i? :(

My heart races, every time when i think of you. I love you bbyboy, all the nose and pinch fights we had, nonsense boy. Haha love you cheeeeekyboy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boring x'mas

I'm a sad girl, I've no pixx for this year's x'mas okay.
I spend my x'mas eve with Koonie and then met up with Chengen at night. Haha we went for some of dont know what uncle's birthday. Haha drank a lil and had games.
X'mas was spent with my mum and bro, shopping at town? Haha mum got me a bag! Yep had a simple x'mas. We had starbucks and muffin too!
Saturday was spent with Shimin and Jerlene. Caught Avatar, I was feeeling so fucking unwell. Wasted lorhhh. Feeeling so giddy in the cinema. Haha but it was a nice showwww.
Then Sunday, met up with those girls for a while, aftermath went over to meet babyboy :)
Caught alvin and the chipmunks! Awwwwww. Haha.
And then yesterday, in the evening went over to meet baby! Caught bodyguards assasin last night, touching show indeeeeeeeed.

Okay I had all this days without pixxxxx, life's so boring.
And now i left my phone with baby, damn it. :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm mad about myself. Insane.

Monday, December 21, 2009

365 days, 12 months, 1 year.


Dear honeybunny,
I would like to really thank you for everything you've done for me, especially tolerating me perhaps. I've so odd weird kind of attitude which usual guys couldn't stand it but you can! Well I would like to say this one year have been a ups and downs year for us, we got into trouble together, we got into every single shit together, we got separated we've been a part. But right now, we're mended back into one again. Well I would like say a big thank you, for every sweet little thing you've done for me. I know i'm always spolit like you always said, but you always ends it with this line: but still my girl. Haha I know a millions have told you that you've been spoiling your girlfriend too. Well sometimes i might be a real bitch to you, sometimes we might fight quarrel urgue, but you should know deep in my heart, it's always you and forever you. I don't always express my love through words to you or maybe like said it out to you, as you know I'm never automatically do to that. But just to say, I love you so much for everything! Happy 1st year, and I know there'll be still 2nd year for us!! Love you king cyrus.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I spent my whole day with my mum today out to aunt's house for a visit and played with my kiddy cousins. And then we went shopping and home sweet home. I'm down with fever flu and whatever whatever whatever :( Shit you i hate this, feeling so miserable. Yay money's coming in to me soon yay yay yay. Okay bye!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hi life is so boring. I'm gonna pack my room and be a good girl today. I don't like people nagging at me like some noise pollution! Okay well i've created guestbook like yesterday, so all comments to be there okie it's at the top right hand side! Okay well i don't like staying at home, i feels like zzz. Someone bless me with masks and it's gonna bring back for me! Yay yay yay. I'm supposingly getting my pay like next week, I bet it's gonna delay like f again sian sian sian.

Okay anyway have already updated! Support okay be nice people.
Okay bye :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Through them all,

Baby baby, we're like so going 1 year. From the first time we went out, i met you at the mrt, at that particular platform, we watch the particular movie, we sat on some particular couples' seat as the whole cinema is couples' seat, the first time we took bus together, I lie on your shoulder and fell asleep. It feels so comfortable, with you. It feels warmth, with many love kept within us.
I've never gave up hopes on you, because I know we'll make it through everything, and yes we did. Many times others judge, comment, but we still make through them all. I've never been sick of your voice despite me hearing it daily, I've never been sick of your text message, but i've always been excited to receive them. I've never been sick of our dates, instead I wished we could spend everyday together. I love you, bbC. I can’t express with more words on earth
My heart toward you overflowering more and more.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boring day

I stayed at home for the whole day today, except that in the evening i went out to meet Puteri babe for a while and then headed home. Spent only 40cent on the lrt rides, haha am i cool? Yesterday I went picnic with casperlove, okay we met at 5pm okay!! By the time we reached there, it was already like 6 plus going 7. Okay I didn't enjoy the picnic though cause I couldn't get over the break down of my camera :( After that we went to cine to catch the show planet 51. It's so so so cute okay, but casperlove said that it's boring and the show sucks. Okay me don't feel like posting up pictures so me never. Tml i'm meeting Puteri early in the morning like 10am? I bet with myself that I couldn't wake up at all~~ Okay I shall try my best.
5 more days.. till 365th day.
I love you casperlove, in this 360 days, we've gone through thicks and thins, ups and downs, tall(s) and short(s), I just wanna say a big thank you for tolerating me perhaps? I bet no one can tolerate me like you do, no one could give me the love like you do, no one could make me smile like you do. You gave me a world when I told you my world's dying, You gave me a smile on my face when I told you i'm so depressed. I love you, cheeky boy. Happy 360th day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Care free

I wished I was like a bird, right now out to fly around the world just alone. I felt so stressed, so depressed over so many things. I felt like as if i'm in a cage locked. I realised I wasn't any perfect as you think I can be. I can't satisfy with everything you want me to be, I can't. I'm tired and sick of life. I feel like crying all alone over again, just me alone. Put yourself into my shoes, seriously. Tired of this and that, tired of everything.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Life's hard, love's simple.

Life's hard, love's simple. I finally realised this, that money's not any easy to earn. I'm so sick of being a little broke girl, santa please bless me with money? :) It's so damn terrible going out penniless. I spent my days like this,
Tuesday, went for Junsheng's chalet with Gk. Had games time and bbq and etc. My sad phone died on that day, wasn't contactable at all for the whole day.
Wednesday work work work, babyboy came down and visit me with milk tea. Had dinner with him aftermath, :)
Thursday, the tapwater day. Was planned to go out and stuffs blah blah shit but in the end something cropped up and f m l for the day. In the evening headed over to find Shimin babygirl~
Today, I'm like a night animal. I work up at 12pm everyday due to baby's morning callls~~~ If not i'll be waking up at 2-3pm everyday. Went out to meet baby, met Yuting at Jurong Point yep, and then headed back to cck. I spend my day just walking around, roaming around. Life's so boring~~~~

I love to look at your face and smile. I love to look at your crazy actions, I love to hear your silly voice. I love you for who you are, like how you love me for who I am. Despite so much of my tantrums, and all kind of shit I could give, you're still here standing with me. Life's hard, love's simple. I was reading back, looking back at our past, our past had flaws left behind, had scars left behind, we cried we teared, we had both sad and happiness together. Back to last year 29 November, you're just a friend to me, someone who wished me happy belated birthday. This year's 29 november, I've you with me here, someone who shows and showers his love everyday for me. Life's getting interesting, because I've you with me. Life's gonna be smoother, because we'll walk through everything together. I love you, the handsome little fat fart, C.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have been away from this space for a long time! It's because I've no idea what should I blog about huh. My life? This few days have been tiring, really tiring!

I spent my monday with babyboy, I couldn't remember what we did totally.

Tuesday went out with Puteri honey after so long! Aww was damn excited to see her. We went to town, had a bus ride, seeing girls that keep wondering whether whose malay and whose chinese, heart2heart, girls' talk, boys, girlfriends and whatever we can talk about. We went to artfriend to get her items for her monthsary card, and we walked to plaza sing from there. I was so hungry that I started eating like a monster, okay that was so unglam.

Wednesday, went out with babyboy. We caught the show Couples Retreat yay yay yay the show was awesome. Okay we had pizza for dinner, noodles for supper. I'm eating alot nowadays, it's a good thing right? Haha. Daddy came and pick me up at 3am.

Thursday, met up with Puteri in the evening, had our icecreams cheezecake at lot1. Then yeah like this lorh.

Friday, town with bb

Saturday, church with Shimin

Sunday, Jurong Point with parents, and then met up with bb aftermath. Had my hair cut! My fringe looks shorter.

Yesterday, work work work. Babyboy stayed with me for 3 hours!! Yay yay yay hahaha. It kills time alot, and we kept talking and talking. Imagine the boss sees me doing this, cfm say i'm slacking like shit. Haha! Thank God with him time flies so fast yay!

Life's like this, boring and very boring and even more boring. I'm such a broke girl right now so poor thing :( I'm waiting forever and forever come please, my pay!!! E-ri-ta-ting lorhz. Oh yes is coming back with an update soon okay! Pinky promised.

I just like to have you around like this. Cuddling in your arms, holding your hands down the streets we go. Even when I feels upset, I'm still able to cry in your arms, I want to go down to the bottom of your heart, and to see myself there. I love you, ccf. Thanks for last night, letting me to cry in your arms. I need that, so badly.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi world i miss casperlove so much. I'll be back with updates soon lovely.

Love xxxx
Regina Joy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I think i've the sweetest boyfriend on earth like really, who will look at me like this? :) Haha silly billy right this guy. Anyway this morning this dumb ass send me a message, it goes like this.
"hey bee.. i'm sorry but i......
and then there's damn alot of spacing...
I think I love you and I want to live with you for the rest of my life. Call me now!!"
Haha isn't this so dumb and silly? But he's so so cute yep.

Well cyrus, I love you so much alright, even though you're so sensitive, always bully me, but my heart belongs to only you :) See ya later, my number 1 boy. Be honoured that I wrote this whole post for you. Love, xoxo

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forever 14

Hi babies i'm away from this space for so long i guess. I'm finally back with updates and pixx! And i'm finally, 14. 14 seemed to be a small number huh? But i guess in this 14 years of life, on my 14th birthday, I finally realised what's true friends, what's real pillar of supports, what's reality.

On 27th November,
We went for kbox for my advanced birthday celebration. Met up with Shimin Peiyi Chrystal Chengan Vincent. And then Beldric and his girlfriend came over for cut cake ceremony. Haha and then they went off and yep. We sang for hours I guess, with vodka and everything the atmosphere was indeed high. Peiyi was totally red. Haha. After that Chrystal went off, the guys went back home. And then me and the rest headed back to Fajar mac to have our dinner and then we cut cake again due to some moodswing thingy from me. HAHA durian cake! And dad came and fetch me for the first time. Yep and then home sweet home.

On 28th november, my actual birthday.
We all have plans actually, but in the end it was raining heavily. So what we did was,
Longjohn for lunch, pool at timah till evening, pizza hut at causeway, back to our fav place to drink and gossips and heart2heart. Chengen Junsheng Jieyu surprised me with a big elephant stuffed toy on my birthday. Thanks guys! Yep and then Geokkoon came with her tapwater nose, and dying face. Haha. Thanks for the whole day alright, geokkoon liping chengen junsheng and jieyu! Yep then after that headed home around 12 to cut cake before my birthday's over.

On 29th November,
Favourite boy came down to cck early in the noon to surprise me with my girls at mac. I was so shocked that he was there. Haha. And then yep we accompanied Shimin to go for her singing audition and then headed to cine to watch New Moon. And then the girls left and me and fav boy lepak over at cck and then home sweet home :)

Favourite boy,
Thanks for everything you've done for me yesterday okay! The photo album you've made, for the first time you did it for me okay. Haha. And thanks for your stuffed toys, and everything. I know there's many obstacles that we've made through together, we suffered together we cried together yep. But let's not have anything to seperate us again alright, love you to the max cyrus. xxx.

I'm so broke right now at home, no job nothing. No plans for december also sian.
I think i'm a spolit kid man. I shall be not lazy and get to pack my stuffs yay. Okie buai buai!
Support anyway.