Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi everyone, did a photoshoot like few days ago with jude for lbr's 6th collection. I'm still waiting for the photos to be emailed to me, this collection gonna be huge! Today's a boring day and no one's attending school today. I'm bored, I find that my blog is rotting. My life's such a boring path that I've been leading.
But i'm feeling blessed and appreciated with all the loved ones around, being there for me, being there to be with me when i'm having troubles, problems.

Ok shall come back with photos soon! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

I feel pissed cause i'm banned from something that I shouldnt be banned from!!
Ok ok pissed. Today I went to school and everyone's finding me so irritating. Haha!

  • I went to class bbq on friday, and didnt had sleep at all till saturday morning.
  • And i went straight to work.
  • We did newspaper collection today
  • i met a nice indian man! he's damn cute
  • we had fun and we started to perspire alot
  • school is gna be interesting only on this wed
  • i feel blessed, i think i should feel that way.
Yesterday, went out to meet someone special. It feels like the first date all over again.
The way we feel excited over a date again, the way we look at each other in many different way
It feels special, all over again.

and anyway,

I shall blog again when i come back.
Collection #06 coming up this week :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It feels so wrong to be feeling all this again, but i feel it all over again. I want to fall in love with you all over again, start all over again at the same exact spot, to get a kiss on my cheek for the first time, to get the first kiss on my lips all over again, to be gazing stars at night at 2am again, to be at vivo for every year's countdown, to celebrate every year's christmas together, to have movie marathon, to wake up in your arms,to be kissed on the forehead, to be loved and fallen deep in love all over again.


I don't know what to say about this or what lah, I don't feel like believing people so easily alrdy.
I know you used my account, hack my account just to gain more friends to your own account, I know you hack my account just to get more friend requests, and I know you hack my account just to use my name for your facebook url. I don't get it why you must lie and make a big round of your story acting so innocent. Bitch, i've seen your face. Seriously you're just a keming primary school p6 girl, in 6oxny. I even got your number if you don't know. Seriously I'm not dumb in anyway, having my email and my facebook can access you to alot of place. But i know all you want is just fame? For fuck sake, grow up.

Please don't accpect the friend suggestions, just ignore. It's only to one girl that's yelyn, am i right?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Picking yourself up, from where you fall it's the best thing you should do in life. Here i am standing all alone, picking myself up from where I fall, I learn as I go on moving on with life, as I learn, I gained experiences.

Today, went out to town with Puteri and Nadzirah, went to flea and it wasn't good. Everyone was feeling so giddddy inside.

I miss you in my life, 11:11.
11:11, I want you in my life.
I feel like crying in my own world, screaming my lungs out of my body, getting over all the pain and sufferings i had.
I'll be fine one day. I wouldn't be as vulnerable as who I am now.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love and appreciate

Sometimes I'm just confused with life. Why is everyone getting sick and tired of life, why is everything a 'heck' to you instead of being 'serious'? Why is everything good, lucky, fine, turning out to be.. as bad as something disappointing that hurts? I don't get it why everyone must go around saying this and that, I don't get it why people hurt those who loved and appreciated them so much, I don't get it why. Maybe that's what we'll learn from growing up. But i guess everything is far too happening.. too much for someone's heart to take it.

I'm fine with my life now, I'm coping so fine. I love my boyfriend, I love people whose there for me like always. I love and appreciated my mum, my family.

Learn to love and appreciate everyone. Don't land up being alone and blame everyone for that.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I feel that i'm not appreciated for everything I do. I'm not any pretty girl out there, I'm just a girl with so much flaws shown everywhere. I can't be perfect in any single thing i do, I'm a messy girl. I'm a wild and insane girl as you people thinks that I am. Sometimes do you actually know that i'm someone that trusts people so easily that it hurts me down alot when I found out the truth? Sometimes I'm just someone so naive to trust others. I wanna feel appreciated. After all, I'm someone's daughter someone's sister someone's classmate, someone's school mate, someone's friend. I'm tired of life being sick like this. It's irritating.
What a nice labour day holiday I had.
I hate this.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This was my last sunday. I was random and we went out. I've more pixx to upload but i'm a lil lazy. I can't wait for June. I'll be away in sg for a week to chill overseas. I've not been studying as you guys know, but i'm going to and i'll ;)

Lastbusride.blogspot.com, a lot of items to clear! ;)

I don't want to be back the old me. The vulnerable me.