Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learn and grow

I realised that I've grown, and as I grow, I've learnt. I've learnt about the fact of life, learnt about how people behaves, how cruel how bitter is this world like, I learnt about how sweet and nice people in this world that occupies so little space on earth. When I was a kid, all i find it hard was just picking up a pen. But for now, everything is a problem to me. Everything makes me troubled, everything makes me confused. I wished I was a kid again, when times I don't have to think much, when times I don't have to worry about tomorrow. I just wanna thanked everything I had on earth for now, I feel blessed with what I have and what I learnt from what i've lost.
Thank you my friends! ;) That day during the newspaper collection.

I miss you looking right into my eyes,
I miss you and your smile.
I miss you and your fat chubby cheeks.