Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hey i'm back in this space again. Have been shopping around, working all day for this holidays.
I'm feeling so exhausted right now, life have been boring yet busy. Anyway i've finally got my dslr during the it fair, yay much? ;) Anyway, lastbusride's collection #07 have been launched! Most of my favourite pieces, kept some for myself also! ;) Limited stocks available for this yep! Support now people ;)

I'll be back with photos really soon. Happy fathers' day to all great daddys ;)
To those upset, broken heart ones, cheer up. Think about those who were there for you when you're down, never fail to make you smile, never fail to be there. Think about them, being there for you. Think about how blessed you are having they with you. Even though it might hurt, it might hurt like no one understands how it felt, cheer up k, got to think about those who worry about you, care about you.