Sunday, August 29, 2010

I can sense fever coming up, right now it's 12:15am, 29th August already. I've decided not to leave this blog dead, and I shall update on my life. Today's the parent-teachers meeting session, guess what? My physics male teacher is the only one who spoke up for me in front of my parents, instead of all my other teachers. I'm down with a very bad flu, and on a Saturday today, I didn't went anywhere but stayed at home. I lied to my boss so I didn't went to work too. I'm supposed to stop my updates for things like flea and etc, but I'm not gonna do that. Lastbusride have just launched their new collection! Http://
On the happy note, I'm leaving sg this friday for a while! Yay to this seriously, finally a break out of this town.
I shall do a pixx post for my next post :)

Good night!