Sunday, September 5, 2010

I promise to make this blog alive but keep failing. I guess my life revolves around only four things i guess? School, boyfriend, lastbusride, work. This is crazy leh, totally insane. Right now i'm feeling happy because by the next month, I can get some more new loots with more kachingz, but right now there's more and more problems filling up my mind. It's far too insane to think about it. Just went for a getaway trip with momsie and dadzie, and also brought in really exclusive items for lastbusride like union jack denim ripped shorts? :) Recently met up with my two lovely babies janet and adelind to a study trip too and got to know the sweetz italian boys.

Ok i shall be nice this time round, photos up now!

Ok I shall get to bed right now,I'll be at funan it mall tomorrow for the whole day alone at the booth, plz drop by if you're able! Needing some entertainment heh heh.