Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad side is blowing towards me, but God stands strong with me. I'm a lucky girl. Always that a lil lucky. I've gotten another chance, but another time to prove things right. Once I don't cherish that lil chance, it's still the same. I'm going down again. I promise i'm fucking hell prove everything wrong and get things right back on track.

I'll be fifteen in a months' time. I can't wait. But realising that, fifteen. 1 5. I'll still have another 6 years to actually learn how to drive a car, since they changed the system, I will have another 3 years to be legal for ciggs and alcohol, I'll have another year more to be out of my school.
2010 flies too fast. I didn't cherish it well, I didn't learn it well. But it just fly so fast that I couldn't be able to catch it.
I only could remember the good memories, I've already forgotten about the bad.

Thank God for blessing me, thank God for letting me to get this chance.

God bless,