Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boring day

I stayed at home for the whole day today, except that in the evening i went out to meet Puteri babe for a while and then headed home. Spent only 40cent on the lrt rides, haha am i cool? Yesterday I went picnic with casperlove, okay we met at 5pm okay!! By the time we reached there, it was already like 6 plus going 7. Okay I didn't enjoy the picnic though cause I couldn't get over the break down of my camera :( After that we went to cine to catch the show planet 51. It's so so so cute okay, but casperlove said that it's boring and the show sucks. Okay me don't feel like posting up pictures so me never. Tml i'm meeting Puteri early in the morning like 10am? I bet with myself that I couldn't wake up at all~~ Okay I shall try my best.
5 more days.. till 365th day.
I love you casperlove, in this 360 days, we've gone through thicks and thins, ups and downs, tall(s) and short(s), I just wanna say a big thank you for tolerating me perhaps? I bet no one can tolerate me like you do, no one could give me the love like you do, no one could make me smile like you do. You gave me a world when I told you my world's dying, You gave me a smile on my face when I told you i'm so depressed. I love you, cheeky boy. Happy 360th day.