Friday, December 11, 2009

Life's hard, love's simple.

Life's hard, love's simple. I finally realised this, that money's not any easy to earn. I'm so sick of being a little broke girl, santa please bless me with money? :) It's so damn terrible going out penniless. I spent my days like this,
Tuesday, went for Junsheng's chalet with Gk. Had games time and bbq and etc. My sad phone died on that day, wasn't contactable at all for the whole day.
Wednesday work work work, babyboy came down and visit me with milk tea. Had dinner with him aftermath, :)
Thursday, the tapwater day. Was planned to go out and stuffs blah blah shit but in the end something cropped up and f m l for the day. In the evening headed over to find Shimin babygirl~
Today, I'm like a night animal. I work up at 12pm everyday due to baby's morning callls~~~ If not i'll be waking up at 2-3pm everyday. Went out to meet baby, met Yuting at Jurong Point yep, and then headed back to cck. I spend my day just walking around, roaming around. Life's so boring~~~~

I love to look at your face and smile. I love to look at your crazy actions, I love to hear your silly voice. I love you for who you are, like how you love me for who I am. Despite so much of my tantrums, and all kind of shit I could give, you're still here standing with me. Life's hard, love's simple. I was reading back, looking back at our past, our past had flaws left behind, had scars left behind, we cried we teared, we had both sad and happiness together. Back to last year 29 November, you're just a friend to me, someone who wished me happy belated birthday. This year's 29 november, I've you with me here, someone who shows and showers his love everyday for me. Life's getting interesting, because I've you with me. Life's gonna be smoother, because we'll walk through everything together. I love you, the handsome little fat fart, C.