Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feeling so close for the first time.

It's cny, and I'm down with a flu and i'm having my period. How unlucky is this, and now I'm feeling so not well. I realised things changes so much when I'm starting to grow up. Everything feels like a burden, how I wished everyday could be perfect, but no one is perfect for everything.
After a few years, I finally went back to my paternal grandparents' side for cny. It wasn't happy at first, until everyone calmed down and have a proper dinner, we even went to visit other relatives together. This is the first time, I ever felt so close with one from the paternal side. I've never felt this way before. My valentine's day celebration was such a short one, I really wished I could have more time.
Well should I stop blogging? Since I've lost my blogging seeed, and thr's no much readers I guess.
Ok i'm done with this post, happy v day and cny to all! :)
And yes i've finally changed my layout again.