Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Madness

Hi this space have been quite dead for some time huh? I'm finally here to update! Haha. School days are seriously tiring for me as.. for this week. I've went to changi in the middle of the night with mum to fetch daddy, went to town to shop for like a number of days. Haha.
On friday, went out with Chrystal out to town! We had candyfloss for free, and then we bought many accessories and then went over to Timah and then went home earlier.
Yesterday, went out to meeet Danielle! Had a great day with her, we went to town then little india for good and cheap food! :) Heh hehz. Pixx!

I had a great weekend, plus today I'm so gna meeet my cute boy! Yay I can't wait.
I hate my hair so much right now esp my fringe. Irritating much.
Ok gna start mugging hard! :)