Sunday, May 9, 2010


I don't know what to say about this or what lah, I don't feel like believing people so easily alrdy.
I know you used my account, hack my account just to gain more friends to your own account, I know you hack my account just to get more friend requests, and I know you hack my account just to use my name for your facebook url. I don't get it why you must lie and make a big round of your story acting so innocent. Bitch, i've seen your face. Seriously you're just a keming primary school p6 girl, in 6oxny. I even got your number if you don't know. Seriously I'm not dumb in anyway, having my email and my facebook can access you to alot of place. But i know all you want is just fame? For fuck sake, grow up.

Please don't accpect the friend suggestions, just ignore. It's only to one girl that's yelyn, am i right?