Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love and appreciate

Sometimes I'm just confused with life. Why is everyone getting sick and tired of life, why is everything a 'heck' to you instead of being 'serious'? Why is everything good, lucky, fine, turning out to be.. as bad as something disappointing that hurts? I don't get it why everyone must go around saying this and that, I don't get it why people hurt those who loved and appreciated them so much, I don't get it why. Maybe that's what we'll learn from growing up. But i guess everything is far too happening.. too much for someone's heart to take it.

I'm fine with my life now, I'm coping so fine. I love my boyfriend, I love people whose there for me like always. I love and appreciated my mum, my family.

Learn to love and appreciate everyone. Don't land up being alone and blame everyone for that.