Friday, May 21, 2010

I feel pissed cause i'm banned from something that I shouldnt be banned from!!
Ok ok pissed. Today I went to school and everyone's finding me so irritating. Haha!

  • I went to class bbq on friday, and didnt had sleep at all till saturday morning.
  • And i went straight to work.
  • We did newspaper collection today
  • i met a nice indian man! he's damn cute
  • we had fun and we started to perspire alot
  • school is gna be interesting only on this wed
  • i feel blessed, i think i should feel that way.
Yesterday, went out to meet someone special. It feels like the first date all over again.
The way we feel excited over a date again, the way we look at each other in many different way
It feels special, all over again.

and anyway,

I shall blog again when i come back.
Collection #06 coming up this week :)