Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't let yourself feel the pain.

Hi i've the mood to blog suddenly.. ok omg my blog is dying. I've nothing to write about my life i guess. it's like always the same o' routine, everyday. or maybe every school day. I can't wait for my exams to end and start having fun. I hate school. Life for me have been always different, there's so many happenings around. Just miss the past when things will always be together, but sadly good things doesn't last forever. People just don't appreciate things when it's so near, they just don't get the point of when you lose the whole world, you'll get to learn about the pain.

Ok i shouldn't be emo nemo ing. I have this urge to get out of town right school term ends. I got to start saving? I can't wait for lastbusride collection 12.. I've been planning very long for this collection okie. Haha! Ok I should be studying but i'm not. I feel like sleeping, roaming around again..

I'm meeting the A girl tml yayz i feel like going shopping again you know. Haha but too bad, tml's the day to s t u d y.
Anyway, I love to wake up with sweet messages. Thanks to one lovergirl, Adelindkins. I love you so much babygirl, it's really nice and great to receive messages like this every morning. It makes me feel so positive, and remember this, you're never alone. Think about me. ;)

OK IM SO RANDOM AGAIN. I baked muffins with aisyah the great yesterday and it turned out great. It's for our fnn actually.. and we're supposed to like prepare it for an obese person? Haha we put in chocolate rice.. whipped cream. Haha but it's really fucking nice i swear. I felt damn satisfied. Haha!

And to think about the boy i love again. I think he's as cute as before like how i met him in 2008.

Ok here's another photo of me.
Enjoy your Tuesday night, see ya