Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forever 14

Hi babies i'm away from this space for so long i guess. I'm finally back with updates and pixx! And i'm finally, 14. 14 seemed to be a small number huh? But i guess in this 14 years of life, on my 14th birthday, I finally realised what's true friends, what's real pillar of supports, what's reality.

On 27th November,
We went for kbox for my advanced birthday celebration. Met up with Shimin Peiyi Chrystal Chengan Vincent. And then Beldric and his girlfriend came over for cut cake ceremony. Haha and then they went off and yep. We sang for hours I guess, with vodka and everything the atmosphere was indeed high. Peiyi was totally red. Haha. After that Chrystal went off, the guys went back home. And then me and the rest headed back to Fajar mac to have our dinner and then we cut cake again due to some moodswing thingy from me. HAHA durian cake! And dad came and fetch me for the first time. Yep and then home sweet home.

On 28th november, my actual birthday.
We all have plans actually, but in the end it was raining heavily. So what we did was,
Longjohn for lunch, pool at timah till evening, pizza hut at causeway, back to our fav place to drink and gossips and heart2heart. Chengen Junsheng Jieyu surprised me with a big elephant stuffed toy on my birthday. Thanks guys! Yep and then Geokkoon came with her tapwater nose, and dying face. Haha. Thanks for the whole day alright, geokkoon liping chengen junsheng and jieyu! Yep then after that headed home around 12 to cut cake before my birthday's over.

On 29th November,
Favourite boy came down to cck early in the noon to surprise me with my girls at mac. I was so shocked that he was there. Haha. And then yep we accompanied Shimin to go for her singing audition and then headed to cine to watch New Moon. And then the girls left and me and fav boy lepak over at cck and then home sweet home :)

Favourite boy,
Thanks for everything you've done for me yesterday okay! The photo album you've made, for the first time you did it for me okay. Haha. And thanks for your stuffed toys, and everything. I know there's many obstacles that we've made through together, we suffered together we cried together yep. But let's not have anything to seperate us again alright, love you to the max cyrus. xxx.

I'm so broke right now at home, no job nothing. No plans for december also sian.
I think i'm a spolit kid man. I shall be not lazy and get to pack my stuffs yay. Okie buai buai!
Support anyway.