Saturday, November 14, 2009

Messy guy born out as a girl

Okay i'm back here without pixx and it's damn sad. For the stupid reason : I lost my camera cable and memory card reader. I'm so like fucking messy and untidy now, I mean my room! Damn you shit you f*** you. I think I should be born as a guy than a girl. I'm so messy, like forever and always. Can't stand myself for being so lazy too. Well today had a great day with my favourite dicky girl, Yuenshin. We went shopping and I bought so much and spend so much. I think I spend almost all of my pay. And then met Chengen Junsheng Jieyu and went to poool and then went back to cck to meet Geokkoon to slack and talk. Okie lah see you tml bloggypies. Buaix sorry for being so messy!!!! haha.

I don't want any hopes to bring me down i mean seriously. I had big dreams on that, really. But it might turn out to be a disappointment to me over and over again..