Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Girls' date

I spent my days with all my girls after C left for Japan.
Last Saturday hang out with Shimin at amk, met Dova there! Such a small world though :)
Then went for some weddding after that.

Okay then sunday was the bff day for me and Geokkoon! Heh hehz went out to town again, walked around fep and things just get so bored. Went to dempsey road for fleaaaa. Got really nice stuffs from there and met really nice people there too! Okay we bought some egggggy which look damn freaking cute. Haha and yes, i did my nails on that day. Happy girl me :)

My monday was spent at home, and then half way headed out to work with Dova. No pixx though!
Yesterday was Shimin's piano recital. I was too lazy to go for work before recital, so just headed there from home. Chengan me chrystal went over to shop at Raffles City before that, and then after the whole recital, went over to Raffles City for ben&jerry! Yeap and then home sweet home at 12am.

Don't let things hard for us, tough for us again boy? After all we went thru so much of ups and downs, we're so much stronger right now. Enjoy your japan trip, your girl is still here in sg waiting okie. Love you honeykin!