Friday, November 6, 2009

Over it

Well today i had my day at cine with Yuenshin chengen jieyu junsheng geokkoon caught my girlfriend is an agent. After that hang out around at fep, saw many primary schoool old folks! Haha damn damn great to see them there man. Aftermath went over back to cck to hang out and then home sweet home. Long day, been out since morning. I've been really broke again now. Shouldn't have spend so much money on unnecessary items man. Regretted.
Tomorrow's saturday, i've no plans again. Boring saturday? Or shall i make it an interesting one? Life's so boring! Okie i'm going off now.
I still miss those little part of you, buying buns in the midnight at seven eleven, cuddling in cinemas. It's over now. I'll be fine..