Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tiring days

I've been out this few days, i've been having so many tiring days. I've ate icecream over at empire state this weekend! I've met many old pals that i've never met them for like zillion years this weekend! I've met my babycousin who is just 1 month old. I've met my aunt uncle. I've met someone that i really missed. I've met crazy girls who push each other in the mall. I've been to a chalet. I've been hearing problems here and there. I've been seeing problems among people. I've been, so tired. I've been missing so many, many of you guys. I don't know why this post must be like so sad. Why is the sky gonna be dark again. Sometimes somehow some people i love somehow some people sometimes i miss some people somehow sometimes always are on my mind. Okie broken english. I miss so many things, all the laughters all the girlz all the insane all the chalet all the every single thing all that embraces all that kisses all that games all that smiles all that people that clique that group that members. I want 2008 to repeat again all over again. Can I?

I don't wanna feel this way again.
I miss the 6 girls going church together as one.
I miss you too and i'm telling myself i'm gonna be fine