Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back into reality,

Hi babies i'm back here to blogz again. Well this whole weekend is so great. Saturday in the noon went over to meet Chengen Junsheng Jieyu Geokkoon over at tw mac to study study but it was such a failure failure failure. Then in the evening went over to look for Shimin Babysis and Puteri honey over at Panjang. Had the closest, sweetest lantern festival night with them. It was really great sitting down with the girls, having heart2heart. How great and sweet is this! Today went over to look for Puteri baby and had really fun man, thanks baby for being there alright. Love you love you love you many girl!

There's far too many pictures to upload, this is not the end yet! I'll come back with more updates okie babies. I need to mug, seriously i need.

I was in the dream all the time, telling myself I'm stuck here and couldn't wake up.
But on this fine day, I was awaken and I'm back into reality.
Finally, on this day, I realised what's the real world is like.
Thanks for everything, I've woke up from this dream i've always been stuck in.
All the best!

And really thankyou to many sweeties for being there for me alright. Even when I'm smiling, even when i'm crying, even when i'm laughing, even when my heart's breaking, you guys never fail to be there. I really love you guys to the bits, you know who you are okie! Regina, is always a strong girl remember? She'll stand strong, she'll be fine. Love you guys a lot xoxo.

Thanks for sending me home, smiles.