Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boys are whatever

Hey babies on this space i'm back. I've been enjoying life so much though there's so many examinations, problems, stress going on. I've been camping in starbucks for near to a week, it's really nice sitting down there in the afternoon, enjoying a coffee, reading the notes I got to memorise, enjoying the air conditioning there. And i've been eating subway as my lunch for so many days, aww. Enjoying days with my girls, sitting down having heart2heart, how nice this can be. Well yep, i've too many pixx to upload. Last weekend, I hang out with Puteri sayang around bukit panjang area. What we did was just, icecream + heart2heart + photographs + walking around + thinking about all our dresses!! Haha it was such a great time with her though it's just been alil while. Okie pixx!!

I dont smoke.

It's all taken by Puteri's babycam, Canon powershot. Exams have been really stressful for me I've flunked so far 3 papers already. God bless me plz :( I want combined science pure humans poa combined humans class plz :( NO NO 3E5 OR 3E4 :( Haha i want to be a nerd right now. Literature on monday, yes it's my fav paper! 8D
Oh yes i've caught the movie fame ytd with my girls and the boys! And aftermath went over to Dorothea's chalet yep. I can't wait for exams to be over, plzzzz quick! Haha :)
Happy birthday Jerelyn! Hope ya enjoy the cake fight yesterday love you xoxo,
and Advance birthday to Doro! XOXO :)
Buai buai ai ni worh blogger! 8D

I tend to be strong, I love the girls and the people who make my day smile. Thanks guys.