Friday, October 2, 2009

Best pals

I'm finally back here in this space. Yep yep actually i've a tons of overdued to post up, but shall just post this currently yep. Well today had my evening till late night with my pri school pals, they're the best out of the best in life i swear i swear. Seeing them really make my day brighten up by so so much :) They're sweet people who makes people smile! Okie we celebrated lantern festival in advance. Pixxxxxxx.

Yep i don't have all of the pictures, but yeah this is all i've. Well i wanna say, cheerup bernice! Even though we're not really really close, but you always got us at the back for you :) And thanks sweet pals for the day. Not forgetting my two girls, Chrystal and Shimin, you guys made my day.
Love you all xoxo.

I like this, though i missed it.