Monday, March 22, 2010

I realised I've a lot of overdued pictures, but I'm far too lazy to post up. It's ugly and I don't like!
Hi space, it's been long since I've been blogging huh? ;) Well my march holidays were really.. enjoyable~ I suffered, had fun, had experienced of not bathing for 3 days. OBS OBS OBS FTW! (Y)
Haha girls in schl are ignoring those who didnt went for obs! Haha, obs was kinda tough and I got sting by jellyfish. I became so tannneddddddd me don't like. But I own cause I'm able to go around laughing at people's sunburn! Heh heh meanie me. Last Saturday was spent with Geokkoon and Chengen at town, chilling at starbucks. Both of them sucks as they don't allow me to shop.. until like 10pm? when everything's closing down! Haha but our heart2heart at starbucks, really made me and kooniez wanna tear so bad. Sunday was spent with my babylove! Happy 15h monthsary boy ;)
He customized a top that says, "Cyrus's." Cute a not my boy! (Y) Heh hehz.

Friends, I've gained, I've lost.
Telling me forever, telling me sad with me, telling me faithful, telling me our friendship is true.
Nah, tell me how many times in a lifetime you'll get a perfect friendship?
Thank god for Geokkoon Neo, in this lifetime of mine.
I love you kooonie! And I love you, casperlove ;)