Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi i'm just back from grandpa's home not long ago. I've been dreaming for far too long, finally woken up by my own senses. I'm gonna be good, starting from tonight. Can ya tell me how tiring is to be wasting your own time, giving up on yourself, making yourself so depressed for no fucking reason? Live a happy life, and heck about those fuckers out there who wants to ruin your life. I'm contented even if I don't feel happy. I feel that I'm lucky.
This friday went to meet baby in the evening, had heart2heart till late ;)
Saturday, went out with h,chengen and koonie. Went for flea, and flea wasnt that good i supposed, nvm it helps me in saving money! Heh heh ;) Caught whip it, and don't feel like elaborating about the rest of that day. Wasn't feeling well, head was spinning like fuck.
Sunday, spent my lovely day with my lovely boy, out to town. Went to topshop, both of the items I wanted are out of stock, ;( We spent a really great time together!! Haha love today, always a rainbow after a rain. Pixx!! ;)

I thank god for all the lovely people in my life ;)
Note to myself:remember to spray my hair tml, find a very very long skirt to wear. Wear a correct pair of socks, correct pair of shoes. If not i'll not be enjoying school tml with the rest ;(

I love you my dearest boy, thanks for always being with me through the hard time i had been thru, and thru happy times. It's nice to be able to have warm cuddles, it's nice to be able to have a hand to hold on, it's nice to be able to have a shoulder to support, it's nice to be able to look forward in seeing someone that makes you smile. You're the one that fills the spaces in my heart, you're the one that it's able to grab the heart of mine completely. I always do, love you, my favourite boy, C.