Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi world

Hi world I'm back here again! Well this week is such an enjoyable week i guess, it's the last day of school yesterday and now here come our march holidays! Yay? :) Haha this week, went over to meet Danielle in one of the weekdays, and then went over to swim at fav boy's house and then at night met Geokkoon and Chengen.
I love yesterday to the max, met Geokkoon and went over to beach rd for my items, and then went to the airport to fetch Brandon. It's like so long since we've met, and catch up a lot I guess. We had xinwang cafe, and then trained all the way to yewtee. Went to stagmont, and then Brandon left after a while, and Theron came. Then talk slack and home sweet home. I caught 11:11 last night for the first time, with Neo Geokkoon!! See, we're really lucky girls together. Haha then we walked home together, talking/singing our hearts out. It's like returning back to our childhood time. Haha I love kooniez my fav girl :)

No mood for pictures so yes no pictures. Haha! Ok it's a nice Saturday to start with, shall enjoy my weekends before my obs. I bet I'll be really tanned when I'm back ;(

Thanks for those sweet people who doesnt take people for granted ;) I love you people!