Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love being tugged in your arms, loverboy.

Well school's being a bitch that I seriously dread to go to school everyday, going to school with Yuting everyday is always so different daily. We even took our own sweet time when we were already late, we even went to mac to have our sausage mac muffin before strolling to school. All the papers that I'm getting back is really.. a joke to me. I failed all subjects, all?! Total wtf to me.
I've not been updating my blog really recently, life have been always the same for me. Just that, sweet, sweeter and sweetest things are coming back to my life. I was depressed for the whole fucking week, thank god things changed for a better.

Yay I'm so fucking gonna re-decorate my bloody room.
So gonna save up $ and then shopping time!

Thank god it's friday, seriously, i've only been looking forward to go school on friday.
I think this is random but, I really love my boyfriend so much for everything!!
Ok shall go off now.

Sometimes I always think that advices from people might not be good, it's just some false hopes on me, to make me feel better only. I trust my own sixth sense better.