Monday, January 11, 2010


Few days back at flea. Heh hehz. School is oh-so boring. I slept super early last night, yet landed myself sleeping in class for almost all the periods. Mr Chia praised me for not sleeping, and then after he kept repeating about the 0000 zeros zeros, I fell asleep. Haha when I woke up, he was like. Aiyah regina you can't sleep so much ar! Haha. Joke.
I miss my holidays, do you miss them too?
I hate feeling broke, okay i'm off to do my maths.
Joke of the day, me and Puteri find maths interesting. haha!!

It's still you that little cheeky boy, i've been loving for 376 days alrdy, 9 more days till the 13th month i've been loving you. Cheekybun, hugs and kisses :)