Sunday, January 31, 2010

Low self esteem

I guess I've been away for long from this blog, I'm just so lazy to update, but since now I've the urge to, so I shall blog!
Last week went out with Mum and did a little shopping then did my facial. Ok my face condition is not as bad as previously already. And on a week day, I met Danielle for a little shopping, and on friday we did a photoshoot :) And after that I met my one and only cyrus! We just spend that night talking to each other, having h2h. It's been long since we can finally sit down and talk to each other. Love you so much k baby. And yesterday went to town with Chengen and Geokkoon in the afternoon, and then went down to Cashew Heights to look for Shimin & co.

I think in my whole entire life, I haven't did something proud of myself. I'll either choose to give up, or continue it with an unwilling heart. I've set targets on my own, I'll make myself proud this time. I'm not as confident as anyone would be, my low self esteem is telling me that I couldn't like always. But this time round it's gonna be so much different. I'll be my best. Tml's monday, I hate schl like so much right now. I got caught for everything due to that bitch coming in my class to give her fucking speech. It's not doing any help on us anyway. Ok whatever.

Anyway support :)
I'm off now, buai xxx.