Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been a depressed girl for long. I think I don't wanna be anymore, it felt so fucked up like everyday. Daddy gave me a hug and said he would be there for me anytime, anywhere, any moment, just give him a call or a text. I felt so happy after hearing all this, thanks daddy. Sorry to make you worry about me so much like always. I haven't been really studying in school, all I do is sleep and talk. Those boys in my class were hilarious I can say. Teachers teaching us find it so hard to handle us, and thus they always stop their lessons to scold scold and scold. I've been sleeping in class again and again, got to buck up. I havent been doing much shopping, except for that day! Bought a shirt with Krystle, haha what a relief for me man. But i'm broke again, you see. I've finished spending my pay and everyone calls me crazy. Yes this is insane but I did that.

I need a little more luck and a little bit, a little hug and a little sweet kiss too? My life's insane, I'm insane, the people in my world are insane. I'm sad, again. I miss you so much boy, those goodbye kisses, and those sweet cuddles. Why am I sad again? No reason. Ok bye. No pixx cos lazy people don't want upload. Not me but someone else. K bye.