Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi 2010, hi school!

School's in right now already! I'll post all the photos up for countdown and flea when I get back my lappy from the service centre and would blog about it! First day of school was a little awkward, there's only 29 people occupying the class. Second day of school which is today, there's a new guy from cambodia coming into my class. All girls went gaga over him, haha! My vp is changed, my current form teacher is Miss Yati. Yay or boo? :) Okay went to town and met babyboy, we caught old dogs and then aftermath homeeee. I hate schoool, I miss times when I could see baby like every single day. I miss my holidays!! Oh yes i've got my new baby, iphoneeeeee~ Haha i got it at the same time with Geokkoon and Seemin, lucky a not? :) Heh hehz. Okay schl's in tml, shall off now. Blog again soon!

Don't you guys have flaws? Fuck those people who thinks that they're so perfect.