Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've not been blogging much I realised. Well this year's countdown was kinda boring. My day was screwed, was at Vivo met a lot of familar faces! Yep celebrated it with Dova, went over to cine to have our hk cafe~~ and then over to Bugis to meet Nik, and then Marina Barrage, watch the fireworks there and then went back to town again, saw irritating guys with spraying cans, went back cck and slacked at mac. Home at 3am.

2nd jan,
Went out with Kooniez. Went over to flea titan, met familar faces again heh hehz. Wasn't happy with whatever I shopped, I just spend money like tapwater on that day. Back to cine for my hk cafe~~ Went to meet Chengen, Kooniez shopped like mad, and she was fucking happy that day. Haha.

Met babyboy on the 3rd, I forgot what we did anyway. I think we roamed around town again~~
School school school, occupy a lot of time of my schedule! Celebrated Chengan's birthday previously in school, caught old dogs with babyboy on weekday~
Met babyboy on friday! We went to town again to do his shopping, yet his poor girlfriend didn't get anything for herself. Heh hehz.
Yesterday, went over to town to meet my buyer, then headed over to flea to meet Yuenshin! And then met Adelind and Jolie there. Had a short and great time with Ad and co :) Heh heh then went over to amk to meet bby! Had dinner and home sweet home.
Pixx on countdown day~ I haven't got much pixxx from gk yet.

This world judges. How much I hate reality? How much I hate life being like this? This world is like a total bitch, you got to accept how demanding is this world. I miss being a innocent girl who doesnt know much about this world, my only job is to make myself comfortable and happy in life. But now what? I got to think for myself, people and others. I got to face all the troubles and problems, I got to face how tough is reality like, how hurtful it is. Vulnerable, weak? Let the past be over, let it make no repeated mistakes.